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3F-Skybyte doesn't care.

Welcome to Pokemon: Insanity Version

This comic is just what the title says... INSANE! This is a bunch of short stories involving Pokemon, a trainer, and just some wacky people! WARNING: Craziness, and radomness has been known to cause blindness and sheer madness. (CURRENTLY A PMD)(Updates every Thursday and occasionally other days) Quoted Characters: Skybyte: BARRELS! (If you get it, youre awesome) Chill: Violet: Hey there, hippo àddict! Aurora: I have long hair. Your argument is invalid. Vortex: HEWWO THEWE!!!! Christian: Wotters: Feel the tides of fate! Riolo: I have many qoutes. "Math is Eisier than Pi the number." All righty and mighty." Of HORSE I'll do it." Why This comic has been rebooted to Pokemon: Version Insanity. Better quality updates coming soon there!


Chatbox, anyone?

I made us a chatbox!
Its A Complementary Feature For Being An Author!
hippo986, June 16th, 2013, 9:26 pm 0 comments

Fun Facts about this comic

•This comic was originally titled I Dont Know Bro but was changed do to lack of notice.
•One of the main characters, Violet, is a cameo from a friend of mine that is not an author.
•When I first made this comic, I had no intention o fit being about pokemon.
•In the first part of this comic (with the pokemon game parody), I was wearing a New York basenall cap. (I dont know what the nam eof the team was, im not a real sportsy guy)
•The comic in which Skybyte is beating up enemies was nearly rejected
•I was going to make a Thanksgiving post as a reference tothe Mario&Luigi series, but was too lazy to do it in time.
hippo986, December 7th, 2012, 2:40 pm 5 comments

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